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Cowboy Jack, Shuffler

Ulrich Sierra Kitten, Shuffler

Our foundation Leopard horses are intensely bred leopards. They have been bred leopard to leopard for 40 plus years to produce a unique leopard breed. They also have been bred for mellow dispositions, and strong and sturdy bone confirmation, and are long-lived.

We are incorporating the "gait" (Indian Shuffler) into our program by using only registered appaloosa shuffling horses and not other gaited breeds. Most current Appaloosa's are out-crossed and have other breeding in their lineage and therefore erratic color patterning. Our Leopard Appaloosa's are bred to produce a unique breed (Leopard Appaloosa) and incorporate a natural smooth gaited Indian Shuffle without going outside the Appaloosa to get the gait.

Our goal is to consistently produce colorful "Native American Leopard" horses with an easy-going temperament, and an Indian Shuffle gait that yields a comfortable sure footed trail horse.

We are trying to preserve and develop more "gait" by breeding gaited to gaited foundation leopards.

If you are interested in stud services our Stud fee is $700.00

Spotted Swan Ranch

Cheryl Palmer
1030 Bear Creek Road
Bigfork, Montana 59911