15 hands. Intensely foundation bred filly.  Her pedigree is noteworthy:  has concentrated Toby bloodlines from the sire.  The Dam is a Scripter bred mare double bred Solar Flair Eclat.  This filly is tall, athletic, and will be an asset for anyone's breeding program.  She is out of black leopard parents, and is very smooth moving. Her training was started this last fall and we will pick it up this spring. 

                          Wishes Black Beauty, 4/29/2012
She is by Neemeepoos Redneck out of the above mare Misty's Ebony Angel. She just had in 8/12/18 Chapaqua's last foal, Neemeepoos Shuffle Wind, a gaited filly.  We'll hit the trails with her this next summer and she'll be bred to Glacier Kat.

Neemeepo Classic Cat by Redneck/Issaquah


                                       Neemeepoos Bobcat  

Solid Bay filly, non-characteristic. Beautiful and elegant by ROI Snipper Sire

We're estatic as this gaited filly will be bred in the future to our few spot stallion Glacier Kat

She is by Neemepo Rolln Thunder out of I'm Jokers Tina. Bloodlines of Quinta Joe, Chawalah, 2X's Peppers Shamrock.  Her mother was the best gaited mare ever.   

Rainfeather is one of our ranch raised mares, out of Feather, my solid black Scripter foundation mare.  Rainfeather was a surprise as I was not expecting a red leopard filly out of two black leopard bred parents.  She and Shuffle Queen, now deceased,  are my two Quinta Joe granddaughters. Both are very strong shufflers.  Rainfeather has the most beautiful movement, and she can really boogie down the trail with her smooth Indian Shuffle gait! She is 12 years old and we will start trail riding her again this year.  I think she's going to be one of the best Shuffle mares that we have produced so far.  She is about 15 hands, and she is 97% FPD.  She produced our beautiful gaited stallion, Rainfire, who you can see gaiting on the home page (http://www.vettv.net/video/18181).


We are very proud of our leopard-bred shuffler brood mares.  Many have been bred and raised here on our own ranch.  We ride our brood mares and expose them to as many trail situations as possible as our property butts up against forestry trails.  Our favorite past time is trail riding.  We carefully breed only the most cooperative, gentle dispositions, and have found over the past 15 years of breeding trail horses, that the Ulrich bred horses are the best.  Our ranch raised horses all have a Neemepoo prefix to their name.  Neemeepoo means the "Nez Perce people."  

Cowgirl came to us from Sue Lord's Gray Shadow Farms in South Carolina.  I love the Ulrich horses and had always wanted to purchase Ulrich Cowgirl.  She is out of my now deceased favorite Ulrich mare, Ulrich Sierra Kitten, who we had to put down this summer due to old age.  Sue Lord offered her to me in May 2009.  This was a dream come true.  Cowgirl has the beautiful disposition and temperament of an Ulrich horse.  And her ears, they're nice, big and wide.  Another characteristic of the Ulrich horses.  I love her sweet manner and gentle nature. I want to thank Sue Lord for sending her to me. Cowgirl had her first foal in 2017, a beautiful leopard colt named Kootenai Camaflogue.  She is now with Susan Boyd in Arkansas on a breeding vacation.

Molly at the fair, showing Rainfeather's daughter, Firefeather by Redneck in a trail class at the Flathead County Fair (8/14/16).



 WIND SONG IS A SNOW CAPPED FEWSPOT, and is one of Ulrich's Kingpin's last foals.  She will carry on the Ulrich breeding. I received her from Audrey in Onalaska, WA, and I thank her very much.  She will be bred to Chapakqua this summer.

Cherakotah is a black few spot mare out of my favorite Ulrich mare, Ulrich Sierra Kitten.  She is the most like her Dam of all the foals Sierra has had.  She's quiet, calm, intelligent, and dependable.  She is a big girl, 15-1 hands, and is 100% FPD.  She surprised us with her first foal, Glacier Sioux, born Jan. 13, 2011. 


This mare is a real asset to our breeding program.  She has long strides and high stepping action, and could pass as a regal Saddlebred. Misty is a solid black, no characteristic, intensely bred Toby mare.  Her famous sire was Dartagnon who was gaited as hell!  Dartagnon's sire, Toby II's Patchy, was also gaited.  Misty's Dam was Toby K's Misty Blue, who is reportedly gaited.  Her Dam, Wa Shawnee Arrow, was definitely gaited,  . Gaited genes all over.  See pedigree. Misty is a foundation Toby bred mare with impeccable breeding from the Rhodes Appaloosa program in KY. 


Coyote Cheyene is a tall mare, 16 plus hands.  She is double bred Solar Flair Éclat who was 17 hands.  FrankScripter bred.  Cheyene just floats across the pasture, and has an incredible walk.  Probably gaited but her training has not progressed at this point.  The filly foal by her side was born solid with characteristics in 2011.  Her name is Apache Lilly (see her above).

                                   NEEMEEPOOS ISSAQUAH:  DOB  6/3/ 2003            93% FPD
Had a tragic accident and is now deceased.  Her foal was 3 months old but my kind and nuturing 30 year old mare, Ulrich Sierra Kitten took her in and became her surrogage mother.

Currently on a breeding vacation in Arkansas

She is out of my beloved Promise by Neemeepoos Chapakqua.  She is a half sister to the famous Neemeepoos Redneck.  And of course she is gaited!

Neemeepo Nadakadeyah, DOB 6/3/2002, is an Ulrich bred mare, out of Ulrich's Wind Song, by Pratt's Toby Secret.  Elaine Morgan gifted me this mare and she is now back home where she was born.  She was sold to Debbie Stubblefield of Fossil, Oregon, and produced some beautiful foals by Ulrich Cheyenne.  Elaine ended up buying this mare and had a beautiful black leopard filly by her.  We plan on breeding her to our stallion Glacier Kat.

              NEEMEPOO APACHE LILY :  DOB 3/15/2011
                      SOLD TO TROY, MONTANA 12/18

           ECHO COYOTE CHEYENE: 6/17/2001
                        Currently on a breeding vacation in Arkansas



 Molly Palmer, our granddaughter, showing Rainfeather at the Flathead County Fair (8/14/16), and Rainfeather was Grand Champion mare.

Misty Ebony Angel:  DOB 3/23/2001

Sold to Matt Jensen and his family as a riding horse for his son Jack

She's back from Arkansas!  Neemeepoos Tetonia            DOB:  8/7/2009

Sired by the famous gaited Redneck, out of gaited Rain Feather.  Gaited, sweet natured, loving, kind mare, who gravitates to people.  Easygoing and gets along well with both people and other horses.  I believe her to be a few spot even though she doesn't have the typical few spot pattern.  We're going to enjoy riding her this summer.  Her gaited bloodlines are Quinta Joe, Ulrich Kitten III, Toby, Sarahsunray Spot (Scripter mare), and of course Redneck.  She is a full sister to our gaited Rain Fire (see his video)




                NEMEPOO FIRE FEATHER:  DOB 6/11/10

 ISSAQUAH, born and raised on our ranch.  Big, and very substantial.  Strong legs, and very hardy.  A true black leopard mare out of Chewelah.  Issy is very quiet and calm.  Her training will be assessed for gait this summer. Bloodlines of Wildwinds Snap E Tom, gaited, Pratt Toby Secret, Ulrich Monarch, and Renners Pepper. Will be bred to Redneck. 

Issy was owned briefly by Lee Farmer, who bred her two times to a grey donkey.  Her offspring were both loud leopard mules.  See the video below to see the outrageous color and smooth moving mule. 

                                                      Neemeepoos Wind Song           

                                    This mare also on a breeding vacation in Arkansas