Ulrich Kavalier, out of Ulrich Kitten III, gaited

Bear Dance out of Ulrich Wind Song by Chelsea Image

Neemepoos Bear Hat out of Chewelah, sold to England

CougarPaws is a daughter of Ulrich Sugar by Dunn Roven Chelsea Image.

Jungle Flower, out of Ulrich Mystery

Neemeepoos Long Grass

Zyeir Toby Blue as a foal

Neemeepoos Bear Dance

Full Ulrich by Ulrich Pappion out of Jim's Candy KS

Neemeepoos Ukiah, by HR Cowboy Jack

Sold to Carol Duval, gaited

Neemeepoos CougarPaws

By Dunn Roven Chelsea Image out of Jim's Candy KS

Chief Plenty Coups, by Ulrich Pappion out of Jim's Candy KS;  Full Ulrich

Ulrichs Sugar, with Diane and one of my grandsons Jacob  on board

Neemeepoos Plenty Coups