PROMISE, the Dam of Redneck, and was out of my precious Ulrich Kitten III by Dun Roven Chelsea Image, gaited.  Wonderful trail horse!


 My passion and intention has been to develop a gaited program.  I teamed up with Susan Boyd who has a background knowledge of gaited horses having raised and shown champion Fox Trotters.  She is now carrying on the gaited legacy  . Redneck was tested and found to be homozygous gaited.  This means he carries two genes and all of his foals will therefore be gaited.  Now there is no need for Appaloosa buyers to go outside the ApHC breed for a gaited Appaloosa.  Redneck is producing colored Foundation gaited progeny.  He's making a difference and bringing back the sought after gaited Appaloosa.  He's the total package.

 NEEMEPOROLLN THUNDER by Neemeepoos Checotah out of Monarchs Chewalah

Just Born!!!

Monarch's Kashinka

Promise is the daughter of Ulrich Kitten III, and the dam of Redneck.

ULRICH KITTEN III, She started it all!!!  my whole gaited program was started with this mare.  Neemeepoos Redneck the icon of the gaited Appaloosa was her grandson and the springboard for the gaited Appaloosa. She is also the granddam of my current stallion Neemepoo Glacier Kat. This is my son, Casey, and my granddaughter Molly, astride Kitten.


Here is Thunder Drums as a yearling

 Horses I've Raised and Loved

Rolln Thunder was a beautiful, versatile, all around Foundation stallion that was used as a lesson horse for beginner riders, parade horse, skijoring champion, and western pleasure champion. He was a household name in northwest Montana.  Kathy Hanson owned him and trained him herself, pushing and expanding what a Foundation Appaloosa can do.  He was so kind and sweet natured, loved by all who knew him.  He is the grandfather of my Glacier Kat. An Ulrich bred stallion.

By Ulrich Monarch out of Ulrich Kitten III.  She was ridden and enjoyed by us and all our grandchildren.  Gentle, friendly, and safe. 

Nemepoo Thunder Drums out of Ulrich's Sugar
Beautiful, kind well trained black leopard
Where is he now???

 By Neemeepoos Redneck, out of Yodie's Blue Bell

Bred by Dan Ulm