My passion and purpose has been to develop a gaited Appaloosa program.  I have teamed up with Susan Boyd (, 870-586-9229 so that we can jointly continue this program for people who desire gaited and comfort horses.  These horses can do anything a nongaited horse can do with less stress for both horse and rider.  A gaited horse always has one hoof on the ground at all times and this is what gives a smooth and comfortable ride.

    Breeding and Raising Gaited Leopard Foundation Appaloosas for Trail, Endurance, Shows, and Pleasure

Prestigious Foundation Leopard family horses gifted with mellow dispositions and a natural gait.  We are on a program to consistently produce and preserve the Indian Shuffler (ApHC), a smooth, fdast and efficient mode of travel.  We like to call them "comfort horses", both easy on the horse and rider.

                                                                                   Our Foundation Appaloosas

These spotted gaited horses are colorful and professionally trained.  The degree of gaitedness varies from horse to horse and in some it takes time and training to bring it out.  Gait conformation and gait genetics go together.  We are a work in progress but each generation is more gaited as we are learning to more selectively breed for gaitedness.  Click on Synchrogait which has now made it possible to test for the gaited gene to determine if a horse is gaited or not without wasting money or time.This is a huge breakthrough as it's cheaper to pay the $350 to have your horse tested than to spend time for the horse to grow up and be trained before you can tell if it's gaited. 

Cheryl Palmer

​Bigfork, MT

406 270-3558





Ulrich Kitten III upon whom my whole gaited program is based..

                                  Gaited Leopard Appaloosa Horses


             Cheryl Palmer, 406 270-3558       Bigfork, MT 

Redneck, a fully gaited few spot leopard stallion that is producing loud colored outstanding gaited progeny